All Access Group: CES Preview Looks At Tech Trends For 2011

CES Preview Looks At Tech Trends For 2011
Reported By Perry Michael Simon, At CES
January 9, 2012

More Apps, More Immersive
The explosion of smartphone and tablet apps was examined by a panel MONDAY afternoon, with SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT EVP of Global Digital Business MICHAEL PAULL touting the company’s use of apps to create a more immersive experience for fans (it “gets the soul back” into the music, he asserted) and noting that the company has succeeded in monetizing some apps, including a pinball game linked to some of the label’s artists and sold for $3. THE WEATHER CHANNEL VP of Digital Applications SCOTT JENSEN said that his company, the app from which is so popular that most of the audience raised its hands when asked by moderator TED COHEN whether they had it, has learned from tracking usage that its smartphone app seems to be used mostly for the data while the tablet app is used more for watching video. He also noted that the tablet app gets most of its use evenings and weekends, while the smartphone app is used more in mornings.

Excerpt Courtesy All Access Group:

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