All Access: RAIN Summit West Explores Internet Radio’s Future

RAIN Summit West Explores Internet Radio’s Future
April 16, 2012

Music Issues: Royalties And Bubbles
Music industry veteran TED COHEN moderated a panel on streaming music with TUNECORE’s JAMIE PURPORA, RHAPSODY’s BRENDAN BENZING, AMAZING RADIO’s PAUL CAMPBELL, and DAR.FM founder and veteran entrepreneur MICHAEL ROBERTSON, who noted the lack of discussion at the Summit of the royalty issue and how it could create major problems for the development of online radio (he noted that no streaming music company is making money and advised the NAB to “get off its ass” and address the royalty issue). He raised the topic of SIRIUS XM’s lawsuit against SOUND EXCHANGE and suggested that everybody in the room “better hope (SIRIUS XM) win(s).” After some dire predictions, COHEN asked why, then, SPOTIFY has been valued at $4 billion, and BENZING noted that people like companies that can reach large audiences. CAMPBELL called the era “the second coming of dot-commery.”

Excerpt Courtesy All Access Music Group:

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