Commonwealth Club Digital Music Panel Discussion – Pros and Cons of DRM


Music industry experts Gerd Leonhard, Ted Cohen and Richard French debate issues concerning digital rights management (or DRM) protected media.


Future of music: “Digital Rights or Wrongs?” is the theme of this program examining what music rights and creative license will mean in the world of new technologies.

What will music rights and creative license mean in the world of new technologies? From the music industry and claims of rampant piracy to online sharing and fierce advocates of fair-use, how will we access and enjoy music? Representatives from all sides wrestle with the future of music and digital rights for creators, consumers and corporations. — Commonwealth Club of California

Gerd Leonhard is a digital music and media expert, futurist and often-quoted visionary and thought-leader. He is well-known both as a music and media industry entrepreneur and innovator as well as a sought-after strategic advisor.

Ted Cohen is the Managing Partner of TAG Strategic. In his previous role as Senior Vice President of Digital Development and Distribution for EMI Music (home of artists including Coldplay and the Rolling Stones), Cohen led next-generation digital business development worldwide for this “big four” record company, which includes labels such as Capitol, Virgin, Angel/Blue Note, Parlophone and Chrysalis.

Richard French is a visionary who combines technical expertise with business savvy. Through varied experience working with large multinational companies and startups he is able to bring both an entrepreneurial spirit and the knowledge of how to run large organizations.

Posted by Ted • Saturday, May 5, 2007 .