DMW: Choruss Music Project Shelved; Audiogalaxy Relaunched

Choruss, a legal file-sharing network being developed by former Warner Music executive Jim Griffin, has been shelved after failing to obtain all the necessary licenses, GigaOM reports.

“We couldn’t even find half of the rights holders,” Griffin told GigaOM, adding, “My fault; I blew it.”

While Griffin is now at work on creating a registry of copyrighted musical works — which would help facilitate a legal file-sharing service — the team behind file-sharing service Audiogalaxy has changed its focus and launched a new service.

The veteran file-sharing application was being retooled to serve as the file-sharing network behind Choruss that would have been marketed to universities.

Instead, Audiogalaxy has now relaunched as a cloud-based service that lets users upload and stream their DRM-free music.

Courtesy of Digital Media Wire:

Posted by Ted • Monday, October 18, 2010 .