VIDEO: Google+ Hangout Live from CES feat. TAG’s Ted Cohen, hosted by Billboard

On Thursday, Billboard asked TAG Strategic Managing Partner Ted Cohen to participate in a Google+ Hangout.

When asked by Billboard’s Alex Pham what the coolest thing Ted Cohen had seen at CES was, Cohen responded with the iRiver Heart Monitor. His response begins at 8:55:


As a result, iRiver is included in Six Technology Trends from CES That Will Shape 2013:

iriver ON earbud and heart-monitor ($199, release in March) – Gadgets that help users monitor their health has been a major theme for the past year. In 2013, expect entertainment to play a larger role in this trend, helping to boost the fun-factor and make health and fitness less of a drudge. iriver, a South Korean electronics company that made one of the first digital music players in 2000 and had the largest market share for that category until Apple came around with its iPod, teamed up with Valencell Inc. to make ON, a combination earphone and heart monitor that also gauges distance, speed, cadence, aerobic fitness levels and calories burned, using sensors that uses light to monitor blood flow characteristics in the ear. The data is wirelessly transmitted to a smartphone while the earbuds pipe music during the workout.

Posted by Ted • Monday, January 14, 2013 .