MusicAlly: MidemNet 2011: Ted Cohen talks music ubiquity

January 22, 2011

TAG Strategic’s Ted Cohen kicked off the MidemNet Forum this morning in Cannes, portraying the digital music space as a battlefield, with ‘combatants’ and fallen warriors.

“People got the taste of freedom somewhere between 1994 and 1999,” he said. “People discovered they weren’t limited to the music they had on hand… now they had access to the world’s library.”

Cohen also hailed the release of a succession of new devices, from iPhone and Android smartphones to the Boxee set-top box and Google TV-enabled televisions.

“Music’s got to be available whether it’s audio or video across all these devices. We’ve got to get there. What do music fans want? They want interoperability… We need to get to complete ubiquity. We need to start looking at the pie, not the platform.”

Cohen also called for long-term partnerships, rather than deals based on short-term advances.

“Most importantly, we’ve got to serve the fan. We’ve got to give them what they want… The days of trying to make them do what we want them to do are over.”

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Posted by Ted • Saturday, January 22, 2011 .