NARM Blog: NARM@SXSW Featuring Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

NARM’s Bill Wilson and TAG Strategic’s Ted Cohen joined forces to present a lively discussion during “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure: Digital Music Redux” on Wednesday at SXSW. They discussed the state of digital music, artist royalty rates and label licensing terms.

Along with 955 Dreams, IODA, New Reach Consulting and WMG, Bill also presented “Metadata: The Backbone Of Digital Music Commerce,” a panel designed to help make sense of why metadata is critical to the smallest indie artist to the biggest corporate commerce partners.

NARMs Digital Think Tank met to review current projects and initiatives and prepare for their update to the membership during NARM 2011 in LA in May.

Don’t forget to join NARM, MetalSucks and Roxwel for the Metal Meet Up and South By South Death from 12-6 PM on Fri., Mar. 18. This is an open forum discussion about the Metal music biz— where it is, where it’s headed, and what can be done to help labels and bands in a tough market. Discussion will be followed by a great roster of bands —  Kvelertak, Havok, Red Fang, Wormrot, and Meek Is Murder. For more visit,

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Posted by Ted • Thursday, March 17, 2011 .