The Orchard Backs Up a New Online Music Service and Social Community:

Znak Inc., the owner of BuyMyPlaylist music service, and The Orchard have signed a commercial agreement. According to its terms, The Orchard grants Znak Inc. specific non-exclusive marketing and sales rights to its entire catalog of over one million songs from hundreds of labels and every genre and era. Znak, through its website, will make the music available to its registered users for paid downloads and limited streaming. The site is to be launched in September 2010, first in the US, then in UK and Portugal, to test the idea in different locations. If successful, the service will expand to other territories; Znak’s new license includes 18 countries.

“We are very excited about the agreement and the unique service Znak has developed,” says Jaime Gullespie, Orchard’s VP for Business Development, who negotiated the terms. Greg Golebiewski, Znak’s CEO, emphasizes that his firm, supported by Ted Cohen and Faron McKenzie from TAG Strategic, has “approached all major record companies and many independent labels and distributors, and The Orchard was the first to grasp the enormous potential of the BMP [buymyplaylist] concept and its business model.” He hopes others will soon follow, as the talks continue, and that the terms of the Orchard license might become a model for other deals.

BuyMyPlayist allows its users to view and search Orchard’s (and soon other providers’) catalogs to build short 5 to 8 track personal and thematic playlists. The users publish the playlists on the BMP sites, and via an embeddable webplayer, on other sites and social networks, to promote the compilations and its artists and to recommend them to other music lovers. Each time the whole playlist or any of its tracks is bought and downloaded or streamed by another user, the playlist creator receives up to 15% of its retail price as credits. The credits can be used to buy and recommend more music, including physical CDs, pay for additional premium services and virtual goods or be transferred to other users.

“There are many great sites that offer music ‘for free,’ whatever that means,” says Greg Golebiewski. “Others simply sell or re-sell the music without much guidance or even interaction with their clients. BuyMyPlaylist is both a music store and a community where more experienced users and DJs can recommend great old and new artists, create trends and following, and even upload their own music to share it with others. It is no longer fame vs. fortune, as Clay Shirky has tried to convince us. Thanks to our innovative business model, users of BuyMyPlaylist can play the music and with the music they like or create, earn recognition of their peers – the most popular playlists will appear in BMP top rankings – and they can earn valuable credits or even a (small) fortune, if they are really good.”

BuyMyPlaylist can be a great marketing channel for the independent musicians who want to promote their creations. But it can also serve the established artists and their labels – to introduce new releases or dust off the old ones, to promote concert tours, to interact with fans and other artists, and to test new ideas.

BuyMyPlaylist can also be of great use to many so called institutional users – musical bars and cafes, clubs, fan clubs, magazines, radio and TV programs and even hotels and spas to replace their background “elevator” music with carefully selected signature playlists, to help build loyal clientele and promote the brand. The opportunities for some creative, interactive use of music seem unlimited. “With BuyMyPlaylist,” says Golebiewski and smiles, “almost anyone can become another Café Ibiza or Tiesto, only easier and quicker.”


Posted by Ted • Friday, August 27, 2010 .