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December 7, 2010

by Corey Dennis

As mentioned in last week’s roundup, the seventh San Francisco Music Tech Summit is today at Hotel Kabuki, from 9am-6pm, followed by a traditional schmoozer from 6pm-8pm. As a regular attendee of this fabulous event, I will provide live updates throughout the day right here on this post, including news bits and spontaneous interviews with attendees.

Panel: Handheld & Wireless Strategy
Moderator: Ted Cohen, TAG Strategic

Aric Kurzman; Mobile Roadie
Adam Mirabella; Nokia
Chris Phenner; Thumbplay
Daren Tsui; mSpot

Audience Question: How do artists get paid from plays online?

Ted Cohen: The stations track the plays

(i think he meant to say “you need to register for SoundExchange“)

Ted Cohen: A well curated podcast is more valuable than individual downloads.

Chris Phenner: We learned a lot from ringtones in terms of how to deal with carriers. The relationships are now direct with carriers.

Ted Cohen: I’m enthralled by the Windows 7 Phone, how many have played with it?

3 people in a standing room only room of about 55 people raised hands

Ted Cohen: Where is the windows platform in a few years?

yelled from audience: “nowhere!”

Daren Tsui: The carriers have a lot of weight. If they stand behind a platform, good or bad, that platform is going to have legs.

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