SonicSwap integrates Yahoo! Music into its video programming

SonicSwap launched a new line of music video players that search and integrate programming from Yahoo Music’s video library as well as YouTube’s music video library. By combining these video sources, SonicSwap now delivers the largest and most complete combined catalog of artist videos available on the Internet. The players do a dynamic search of both video sources to deliver programming for a much broader set of artists including Warner video content (via Yahoo Music), other exclusive content and live performances.

“With Yahoo’s Music Videos integrated into our existing video players we now deliver the most complete programming of artist videos available on the Internet. Our playlist processing helps us personalize the Yahoo! Music video experience to provide far more engaging programs that members watch longer and enjoy more. By combining the search of multiple video sources, and tailoring the music video program for each user, we now deliver the best music video service ever developed,” said SonicSwap Inc. founder, president and CEO Dan Skilken.

“In order to deliver the most complete music video service, multiple websites have to be sourced. No single site has a complete catalog because of exclusive arrangements, disputes based on royalties that remove content, and the proliferation of user generated content. When you combine searches of multiple music video sites into a contiguous video program, you can deliver a much more satisfying user experience and a more complete catalog of artists,” said TAG founder Ted Cohen.

The user experience starts with a member’s own iTunes playlists, their friends’ playlists, or custom generated playlists based on their favourite music. Next, SonicSwap’s unique technology and architecture uses specialized Flash players that search and match video requests from the playlists on the user’s local machine. The players search both the Yahoo! Music site and YouTube simultaneously to find the best videos. Members can post these players directly on their Facebook profile to share their playlists with friends. The personal music video experience, generated from analysis of the member’s own iTunes data, helps users find videos they will like and results in longer, more engaged viewing, with more effective advertising.

Posted by Ted • Thursday, October 29, 2009 .