DMN: LimeWire Demanding the Takedown of… Pirated LimeWires

After a group of underground programmers created the ‘LimeWire Pirate Edition’ and plopped it onto places like the Pirate Bay, LimeWire itself is demanding its takedown.


Posted by Ted • Tuesday, November 9, 2010 .

UK Music: Music consumption in 14-24 year olds is complex latest survey reveals

UK Music research highlights the complexity of consuming, copying and sharing of music between 14-24 year-olds UK Music is pleased to present the results of its annual academic survey investigating the music consumption behaviour and experience of young people aged 14-24. Carried out in spring 2009 by the University Of Hertfordshire, the online survey was […]


Posted by Ted • Monday, August 10, 2009 .

Harvard Law Blogs: Former EMI Exec Ted Cohen’s P2P Proposal

by Derek Slater March 29, 2007 Will try to link up if/when the article becomes publicly available. Coolfer has the scoop — here’s an excerpt: “What I propose is an aggressive six-month trial by a major P2P service (any takers?) that could finally give us clear insight into the behavior of P2P users. Is it […]


Posted by Ted • Thursday, March 29, 2007 .

Billboard: Let’s Find Out If It’s About Free Music Or A Great Experience

Seven years after the original Napster burst onto the scene with its revolutionary approach to sharing music, the shaky marriage of art and technology has reached the point where it’s ready for some serious relationship counseling. It’s time to start over, and this time, really feel the love.


Posted by Ted • Friday, March 23, 2007 .