LA Times: Access Industries to buy Warner Music Group for $3.3 billion

By Alex Pham, Los Angeles Times May 7, 2011 Now that Warner Music Group Corp. has agreed to be sold for $3.3 billion to Access Industries, is a duet in the works with EMI Group? Warner’s all-cash sale to the New York-based oil and media conglomerate, announced Friday, puts Access Industries founder Len Blavatnik in […]


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The Music Network: Midem: 2011, the year of the digital ‘shakedown’

by Eamonn Ford If one theme emerged from this year’s MidemNet conference, the starting pistol for the digital year, it was that there’s simply too much clutter in the digital space and not enough revenue opportunities. The Palais de Festival in Cannes, France wasn’t as busy as previous yearssuggesting there might be too many services […]


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Cleveland Scene: That’s All, Folks: Will the last major-label rep to leave Cleveland please turn off the light?

In May, when the Warner Group (also known as WEA, short for Warner Elektra Atlantic) laid off John Koury, it released the last foot soldier from a long line of sales and marketing pros that helped influence what music took root in the city — and, sometimes, across the country. Koury was the last major-label sales representative in the city.


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NYT: Music Labels Cut Friendlier Deals With Start-Ups

With CD sales dropping fast, it is not hard to imagine how the major music labels could benefit from the growth of Web start-ups like Imeem. The company’s service lets people listen to songs, discover new artists and share their favorites with friends. And in return, Imeem owes the labels licensing fees for use of the music.


Posted by Ted • Wednesday, May 27, 2009 . Yahoo Music wants to top the charts again

The former No. 1 music site taps classic rock as part of its comeback strategy.


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