TAG Managing Partner Ted Cohen Honored by NARM

TAG Managing Partner Ted Cohen Honored by NARM with Presidential Award for Sustained Industry Achievement

LOS ANGELES, May 8, 2013 — Music and tech evangelist Ted Cohen was honored today with the NARM Presidential Award for Sustained Industry Achievement, recognizing his work for more than 30 years to promote music and advance consumers’ access to music in all its forms and formats. The Award was presented at the Music Biz 2013 Breakfast & Opening Session in Los Angeles by NARM President Jim Donio.

“Ted is a true visionary who loves music, embraces technology and helps both tech companies and the music industry identify ways to successfully work together,” said Mr. Donio. “He’s engaging, entertaining and truly a provocateur in our industry. NARM is thrilled to honor Ted with the 2013 Presidential Award for Sustained Industry Achievement.”

According to NARM, the award recognizes Cohen’s three decades in the industry, during which he has been a true digital visionary, helping to craft the original licensing agreements for iTunes and Rhapsody and convincing record labels, music publishers, and the creative community to embrace the possibilities of new technology.

Speaking about the future of the music business, Ted commented, “I’m humbled and honored to receive this award, and thank Jim and everyone at NARM for their support over the years. We now have an opportunity to get music in front of more people than we ever had before, thanks to new technologies such as Twitter #music and the evolution of established digital music icons such as iTunes, among many others. Whether it’s a label, a tech company or a media or brand partner, people are realizing its about putting great entertainment in people’s hands at a reasonable price. I’ve been thrilled to do that for 30 years, and look forward to doing so well into the future.”

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