They Sowmya Life: What happened yesterday: twitter conference #140conf

June 17, 2009

Yesterday I enjoyed attending Jeff Pulver’s 140 Characters twitter conference. The twitter Music panel moderated by ICED boss Leslie Hall (@dollyhall) with guests rapper Jim Jones (@JimJonescapo), Ted Cohen (@tagstrategic), and Xavier Jernigan (@xjernigan) discussed how the social network does and does not work in the music industry. Topics discussed ranged from ghost twittering (the panel agreed that ghost twitters are inauthentic and ineffective) to using twitter to drive music sales (examples of success inc. Asher Roth and Jimmy’s new single).

Some highlights:
-authenticity is key but artists might need supplementary help to make daily updates
-the mobile functionality is a major draw for musicians who are always on the go
-THINK BEFORE YOU TWEET!!! once it’s written, it can’t be taken back.

Here are some blurry twitpics from the conference. Ironically, there was literally no cell phone reception in the room or else I would have provided more real time commentary. #FML

Jimmy, Xavier, and Ted

Jimmy, Xavier, and Ted

Posted by Ted • Wednesday, June 17, 2009 .