TMV Blog: My Christmas Wish List

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By Ted Cohen

As I sit here at the end of an eventful year, it feels like we’ve made a lot of progress in digital music, but we have such a long way to go. My wish is that the gains we’ve made are the basis for the digital music landscape we’ve all dreamed of.

Digital services and devices I’m grateful for this year:

· Spotify
· B&W Zeppelin
· Motorola Droid
· Pacemaker Pocket DJ
· Twitter
· The Beatles on USB
· MOG’s $5 subscription service
· Roku
· The Flip HD
· Zune

Some of the people I’m grateful for, in no particular order:

· Peter Kafka
· Ann Sweeney
· Jeanne Meyer
· Jeff Pulver
· Karen Allen
· Peter Brodsky
· Mark Piibe
· Rio Caraeff
· Chad Hodge
· Sara Haze

All I want for Christmas is:

· Spotify availability in the U.S.
· A revamped Rhapsody (it’s really time for a make-over!)
· A streamlined licensing process from both labels and publishers for new
· ISP-based revenue streams for creators and rightholders
· More funding for innovative music start-ups
· Transparency in artist & songwriter royalty payments
· More communication, collaboration and coopetition between stakeholders
· 4G data service
· A digital music conference in Rio during Carnival
· The Apple music subscription service we’ve all been waiting for

A Happy Holiday break to us all, let’s get back to changing the world on January 1st!

Posted by Ted • Tuesday, December 22, 2009 .