Managing Partner Ted Cohen Quoted by USA Today on Twitter #Music

TAG Managing Partner Ted Cohen is quoted by USA Today in their latest article “Twitter #Music service waiting to trend” by Jefferson Graham.

“SAN FRANCISCO — The Twitterverse has not been kind to Twitter’s new #Music service, which launched in April promising to help folks discover music in a different way.

After an initial flurry, downloads of the iPhone app (#Music is not yet available for Android) have fallen dramatically, dipping 62% in May, according to Onavo Insights, which tracks mobile app downloads and usage. Twitter hasn’t announced figures for Web usage.

Yet last week, Twitter #Music got a much-needed boost. Apple said it would include it in its new iTunes Radio service, which launches in the fall. The “Trending on Twitter” channel will showcase songs and artists trending on Twitter.”

Ted Cohen’s comments, as featured by USA Today:

Former music label executive Ted Cohen, who now runs the TAG Strategic music consulting firm, says there were high expectations for #Music, because it was coming from Twitter, and that the results are “less than what it could have been.”

It is “features-challenged — a Billboard chart,” Cohen says.

Read the full article courtesy of USA Today.

Posted by Ted • Friday, June 21, 2013 .