Webdoc launches next evolution of online expression

The Guardian, Nickelodeon, Playboy, NME, EMI Music, and more already using Webdoc to engage their audiences

London, 7th December – Webdoc (www.webdoc.com), the most expressive way to share your passions online, launched today. Enabling anyone to grab content from across the web and express themselves in a moment, Webdoc represents the next evolution of online communication. It’s as quick and easy as a tweet, but as rich as a web page.

Regardless of technical ability, it’s effortless to mix photos, audio, video, text, drawings and more to create instant Webdocs around your interests, and share them with friends. Your Webdoc can be made even more fun and creative by adding apps from Webdoc’s app store. The first app store for online expression, it enables users to include interactive content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud, as well as games, polls, “This Or That” comparisons and more, in their creations.

Stelio Tzonis, Webdoc CEO and co-founder, said: “Webdoc aims to democratize the web by enabling anyone to express themselves online in an easy, rich, interactive way. You use Webdoc when a status update isn’t enough to tell your story, but maintaining a blog is too much hassle. We think it’s pretty magical, and will make communicating online even more fun and expressive.”

Powered by HTML5, Webdoc inspires high levels of engagement and creativity from users. As an example, Universal Music’s Webdoc campaign for Nirvana generated a stream of richly expressive replies from participants who were encouraged to share their memories of the band, with users mixing their own personal thoughts and digital sketches with video, audio and text content of Nirvana from across the web.

Media companies, brands, artists and record labels are already seeing the potential of Webdoc to engage their audiences in new ways:

– The Guardian have been using Webdoc on their Guardian Music Tumblr

– Nickelodeon created a Webdoc for the Facebook page of the character Fred Figglehorn

– Playboy ran a “Pose For Playboy” campaign through Webdoc

– Universal Music encouraged Nirvana fans to share their memories of the band on Facebook using Webdoc

– EMI Music is using Webdoc for the UK’s first ever national Pink Floyd treasure hunt

Other early adopters include NME.COM, PIAS, Idolos Brazil, Annoying Orange, and Jamiroquai. To learn more, please go to:


Bertrand Bodson, EMI Music’s SVP Global Digital Marketing, said:

“Webdoc were a very deserving winner of the last Music Techpitch event which we were very happy to host at EMI. It’s a great platform which offers flexible and creative tools to help our artists engage and interact with their fans. Our first project with them for Pink Floyd is off to a strong start and we’ve got some really interesting ideas for how we can work together going forward.”

Adam Boult, Community Coordinator for Guardian Music, said: “Webdoc is a tremendously versatile tool, and very easy to use. We’ll definitely be using it more in the future.”

Luke Lewis, NME.COM Editor, said: “I’m a big Webdoc fan – it gives us a new way to present and structure our content, and equips our users with fun tools to express their passion for the bands they love.”

Notes to Editors:

Press kit (screenshots, logos, etc) available at: http://www.webdoc.com/presskit

About Webdoc

Enabling people to express themselves in a richer, more interactive way than traditional social networks, Webdoc is the next evolution of online communication. Webdoc users can start expressive conversations quickly and easily by pulling in rich content – video, audio, photos, and more – from across the web, as well as unique Webdoc Apps, to create instant shareable pages around their passions and interests.

Webdoc was founded in 2009 by Stelio Tzonis, Cyril Pavillard, Mathieu Fivaz, Alexandre Tzonis, Vincent Borel, and has offices in Lausanne, London and San Francisco.

For more information, contact:

Christian Ward
Head of Digital Strategy
Email: christianw@claritycomms.com
Twitter: christianward
Mobile: +44 (0)7764 254 011

Posted by Ted • Wednesday, December 7, 2011 .