You Kids Today Podcast with special guest Ted Cohen

You Kids Today is a podcast produced by TAG Strategic client Patrick Kearney from XEN.

Kearney invited TAG Strategic Managing Partner Ted Cohen to be the second guest on his new show, telling the narrative of how we have gotten where we are with technology.

Stream the interview in its entirety here:

You Kids Today – True tales from the front lines of digital media.

With special guest Ted Cohen (@spinaltap) from TAG Strategic
Host: Patrick J. Kearney

If there was ever a guy who was ‘on the front lines’ when it comes to the digital media revolution, it’s Ted Cohen. Ted is just starting his next 30 years in the music industry and will be telling us some stories of how he first experienced digital music, and how he was tasked with helping major music distributors weather the storm that was to come from the likes of Napster and consumer broadband connections. Finally, we take a look at where the industry is today, and what opportunities can be found on the horizon.

You kids today can just hit a button on your iPod Touch and start streaming music from services like Pandora and Spotify. Ted’s one of the guys who saw the potential for such technology early on, and was instrumental in brokering the deals to bring it to the masses. Join me for a fascinating trip through the evolution of digital music through the eyes of one of the industry’s leading experts.”

Download the podcast here.

Posted by Ted • Monday, January 21, 2013 .